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Board Shark Capabilities - 2016

Feature Standard Advanced

Layer Count 1 to 36 Layers Up to 44 Layers
Thickness Tolerance 10% 5%
Max Copper Weight 6oz 10oz
Min Copper Weight 1/2 oz 1/4 oz
Min Mechanical Drill .008" .006"
Laser Drill .004"
Aspect Ratio 12:1 17:1
Min Line Width / Space .004" .0025"
Soldermask LPI SMOBC, Peelable
Green, Red, Black, White, PurpleC l e a r, Blue

Material FR4 135oC, FR4 170-180oC, CEM-3, Aluminum, FR4, Flex, Rigid-Flex Low loss FR4
Ultra low loss FR4
Surface Finish HASL, Lead-Free HAL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver,
Electrolytic Gold, Carbon Ink, Gold Finger (Hard Gold)

Controlled Impedance 28-150 ohms +/- 10% 28-150 ohms +/- 7%
Build-up Capability 1 layer build-up 3 layers build-up

Please contact Board Shark for full details regarding materials and capabilities